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I love God’s Word and this Bible timeline has been very useful in my own teaching and personal study. When I first put it all together, I did not imagine that I would be supplying it to people all over the world.

This last couple of years has been very difficult and by way of personal testimony, through the heartaches, the anxiety, the financial insecurity, God has carried me so beautifully. I have expressed it to many friends by likening it to the ‘Footprints In The Sand’poetry. I have felt the hands of the Father lift and carry me in a special way. Indeed He has not forsaken me and even though the overall situation has ended in the way I so dearly wanted, I am at peace with God and feel very privileged to be a son of the Father. I can but worship Him with all my heart and petition that I may remain faithful to the very end. Never taking my eyes off Him.

When I think about how how God has lead and worked with His people right through the Bible for thousands of years; through Church history for two thousand years, I am humbled that He would stoop to notice and work with me also. It is truly all about Christ Jesus and when we stand in glory, the reality of that will cause so many of us to say Oh, if only I had truly forsaken all meaningless things to serve Him more fully.”

How wonderful you are precious Lord, show me Your ways, that I might be like You.

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