Moses Received And Gave The Law To Israel

When God asks for something, we must believe in Him because he will be the one who would provide us the means to do it even if it appears to be impossibly hard. In this day, if our hearts are surrendered to God, great things will happen. This is the lesson from Moses who live around 1500 BC. It was only in Meribah did Moses became weak, and in his moment of weakness, he refused to just speak on the rock and instead hit it twice with his staff, defying God’s command. Because of this, God had forbidden him to enter the Promised Land. Moses is one of the most dominant figures ever mentioned in the Old Testament, for the reason that God had chosen him to redeem the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. He had found favor in God’s eyes and had therefore mediated God’s covenant with them. He had fulfilled his duties with zeal, as expected from God’s chosen, and had handed the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. Moses’s last task was to bring the Israelites to the edge of the Promised Lands, and even if he wasn’t able to enter it, he had fulfilled it nonetheless. Often, Moses had found himself inadequate to complete these tasks of epic proportions, but for every step of the whole process, God had been with him and worked through him. As a human being, Moses had strengths, and of course, weaknesses. Below are some of his strengths and weaknesses and how his life can be applied in this day and age. Despite of great risks of his safety, Moses had obeyed God’s commands. He had obeyed even if he saw that the risks involved were overwhelming. Moses had been steadfast in his faith to God, and God, in turn, had worked tremendous miracles through him. His faith was so great that he had followed God’s orders and believed in Him even when others didn’t. His closeness to God had enabled him to speak to Him everyday.

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