The Hebrew Bible And It’s Timeline

The Bible timeline merely spans the Old Testament, since the bible being discussed in this article is the Hebrew Bible. It gives a general framework of the bible’s history from the Creation of Mankind up to the reigns of the Kings of Israel and Judah, which goes through the various generations, periods of their reign, and other means. In Genesis, the passages were only indicative of a generation count: For example, a biblical figure had lived for so many years, sired a son, and carried on until his death at a certain age. Adding the ages of each of the generation, it results to the number of years transpired. Later in the bible timeline, the passage of time has been changed into a story-like narration, like in 1 Kings 6:1, where the Temple of Solomon’s building began in the year 480 after the Exodus. The other way of setting time is through the correlation of the Kings of Israel and their time of reign. For example, see 1 Kings 15:25-28. While in the reigns of the Kings of Israel, from 10th to 7th century BC, are in fact historical and can be utilized in histiography, but unfortunately, the attempts of fixing a date of Moses’s Exodus or even much earlier events like Noah and the Flood had been unsuccessful. The dating of the Bible timeline of course starts with the Creation of Adam, in the year 0 Anno Mundi, and 930 years later, in his death, is considered year 930 Anno Mundi. In the Jewish Calendar, the 5 days before Adam’s creation was considered to be the first year, and Adam was created on the first day of the second year. The Bible timeline is also divided by blocks of numbers which in fact is significant to its authors, like 7, 12 and 40. Other, but not as significant, numbers include 100, 60, 20, and 10. The main events of the Bible timeline are: the Creation of Adam (in the year 0 AM), Abraham’s Birth and calling, the Exodus from Egypt, the Temple of Solomon’s construction, the return of the Jews to Israel, and finally the Temple’s rededication under the Maccabees.

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