The Ten Commandments – Circa. 1500BC

The Ten Commandments, a set of rules given by God Himself to Israel’s people through the prophet Moses at Mount Sinai after leading them out and liberating them from Egyptian slavery. Essentially, the Ten Commandments are just a summary, the core of the Jewish Law found in the Old Testament, which are recorded in Exodus 20:1-17 and Deutronomy 5:6-21, which offers the basics for spiritual and moral living. The Ten Commandments, when applied in the modern context of living, can be paraphrased and translated to fit the current era yet at the same time adhere to it. I. Never worship any other god other than the one true God. All other gods worshipped by men are false and must be therefore avoided. II. Idols and images of God made by men must be avoided, since these idols are objects that could make you worship it rather than God. It’s not only limited to that, since it could also mean something, like a hobby, that takes all of your time and prevents you from worshipping God can be categorized as an idol. III. Never take the name of God lightly, nor use it for profanity. God’s name is sacred and must be given due respect because of his importance to every aspect of human life. IV. The Sabbath day is more of a loving invitation to slow down, rest, and meditate. It’s only a day in the week, so set the worldly activities you indulge in other days, to pave the way for the worship of God and a break from the tiring riff-raff. V. Treat your parents with uttermost respect and obedience. VI. Deliberately taking another human’s life must never be committed. VII. Sexual relations outside marriage are extremely prohibited. VIII. Stealing another person’s belongings is sinful and must be avoided. IX. Lies that could destroy a fellow person’s reputation or bringing a false accusation to another are not allowed. X. Do not compare your material possession to another persons’, since it will only lead into envy, jealousy, and other various sins. God’s blessings are abundant and you only need to give effort to achieve it.

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